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We promote talents, ideas & innovations of all types!

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  • Thinking out of the box

    Kenyans have been programmed by politicians with our people in power so that we can eat .who has baked the cake you all want to eat but that’s a story of another day We will use some simple mathematics know facts and reasonable conjecture The Kenyan economy is valued at around 5 trillion shillings I think it is bigger since most of it is informal, moreover if the tax man collects 1.3 trillion and only 40 % of taxes are paid so we attained 80% we would collect 2.6 trillion if we combine most of the taxes the highest being Income tax at 30% and Withholding at 6% we can have average taxes at 25% . So the GDP with these figures having taken to consideration other costs of taxes and refunds Economy should hit at 8 trillion . Again this is a story to explore later. Lets work with 5 trillion Government total expenditure and fund absorption is almost 70% 70% of 2.2 trillion is 1.54 trillion including Borrowed money and grants . So 90% of 42 million Kenyans are actually programmed to think of only the 1.5 trillion in both salaries tenders and stipend from the Government while the other 10% of Kenyans and even multinational are targeting the 3.5 trillion that is in the free economy .so who is the smarter one now. Let me put it in layman language if one tribe in Kenya Got all the Government Job and tenders, they would still have to eat,drink,Be entertained, Buy cars, go for service ,buy or rent property ,get employees in homes and otherwise and other things they need in normal life So all they money they earn will eventually leave their pockets to other people pockets that means they will just be a conduit to pass money and no the real owners of money in essence they would not be wealth in true sense If the people in the Rift valley run and win all the medals and price money in sports it does not stop the Kamba from selling Sunday to put up high rise towers in urban cities or stop the Nyanza and Turkana from selling their fish or Kikuyus their waru and cabbage or the Maasai selling their cattle ,the coast people from exploiting their minerals nuts and fruits ,the Kisii their sugarcane and bananas Luhya growing their maize and rearing chicken so on and so forth We can co-exist with the resources since we are the ones creating them and using them productively .You can have all the resources in the world at your disposal but if you don’t exploit someone else will.
  • The the ultimate opium

    Begging and borrowing with no intention to return or repay is one of the biggest epidemic affecting individuals, institutions and even government it’s an disease affecting the Mind that becomes incurable like an addiction. If you have walked into the streets of major cities all over the world you will find beggars, asking for alms others are in business and use relatives or even hired personnel with ailments or disabilities to make money. Lets do a little arithmetic, in Nairobi a beggar would normally get 2,000 a day, in a month it translates to 60,000 in a year 720,000 much more than most teachers bankers etc . Lets cut them some slack they were here for luck of opportunities and therefore means to live. Therefore if they begged more two years they can save at least 500,000 enough to start a decent business ,So the question is why do we still see them in streets for decades. Simple asking for alms is the easier thing to do other than working or even thinking. They end up dying poor in the streets yet they had an opportunity to prosper Likewise for Governments after begging for a few years they have capital to self reliance but because begging is an addictive Drug they never get out of it . It’s a habit we all need to get out of before it Takes over your Mind and Soul.
  • detachable Brooder

    Most people who rear chicken or any other poultry make brooders when the chicks come then dismantle it once the chicks mature .when the cycle starts again they have to look for materials to start all over again and if it is frequent then we do a permanent one cost also. we can make a detachable one that you can dismantle and assemble on need basis everywhere you go conveniently and cheaply will upload video next week
  • A new and convenient way found

    Transporting a gas cylinder in a vehicle is the most awkward thing to do sometimes we put stones pieces of wood to stop it from rolling in the car boot as we travel most of the time we place it on the back seat either behind the passenger or driver seat vertical or horizontal on the back seat therefore reducing passage space inconveniencing the passengers .If not clean or has some worn out edges it can damage the seat  
  • it can be done

    How do we come with ideas innovations and invention by trying to solve problems we have encountered in our day to day living either by ourselves or others close . We try to make tasks possible to do others easier to do and even pleasurable to do if we have ever held such thoughts then we are innovators in our own right only that we have never ever come out of our comfort zones these is the time to do so. Challenge yourself and talk to us we can help
  • all persons of great will

    we encourage anyone with good ideas unique talents and innovations to take a bold step and post them this could be your break in life age ,colour gender, education background or religion is no hinderance
  • Who we are?

    Triple Info Services is a East African organisation (Including DRC Congo)that seeks to empower people in the region especially with a bias to the youth in tapping their Talents Ideas Innovations and concepts to fulfil both their economic and self realization Goals To shatter the myth that one has to be in a particular Age Group to attain leadership position or financial Freedom Our mission To re-invigorate the world with new Ideas Inspire moments of self Belief and motivation Create Opportunities that generate wealth and self esteem Slogan Your concept your future

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